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Have it your way

The Lotts of Wine Club is designed to make sure your wine rack is never empty – and never boring. Here’s how it works. You just fill in the form below. Then each month, we put together a couple of mixed cases, with free delivery, and send you an email to tell you about them. If you fancy something, dive in and take advantage of free delivery. If you don’t, you don’t. And that’s all there is to it. No subscription fees, no rigmarole, just interesting, useful wine, when you want it – complete with tasting notes, producer profiles and food pairings. Here are the monthly options. Did we mention that they all come with free delivery?

#1 The Essentials Case
Three pairs of wines, carefully chosen for that month. The perfect way to keep your wine rack topped up with just what you need, whatever the weather and season. Typically around £100 per case.

#2 The Discovery Case
Six wines exploring a particular place, category or purpose, such as region, style, grape or occasion. Whatever we think is particularly interesting and useful right now – and what we think you’ll find interesting and useful, too. Typically around £120 per case.

#3 The Bespoke Case
If these two options don’t appeal, we can put together a unique monthly case, created just for you. It couldn’t be easier. We just have a chat to find out what you like to drink (and spend). Then we pick out the perfect wines for you, whatever your budget. Just drop us a line and let’s start the ball rolling.