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A vineyard wonderland

Each one of our three special Christmas cases below has been carefully chosen to give you everything you need for The Big Day. A bottle of fizz to welcome guests or to get the day started, ideal with smoked salmon and scrambled eggs, or simply with a pile of presents. A bottle of Sauvignon Blanc to keep preprandial glasses topped up or to go with nibbles or perhaps even oysters. A more fulsome white to offer a choice at the Christmas table or to pair with the cold cuts. A brace of reds, perfectly weighted to balance the bird and trimmings. And a Rutherglen Muscat, a luscious match for the dark sweet fruit of Christmas pud or cake – Yuletide in a glass.

So there you have it. All your Christmas day wine decisions taken care of. The only choice you have to make is how much you want to treat yourself and your guests! Merry Christmas!